City’s tall grass and weed ordinances protect community health and safety

As spring rains and warmer weather signal the growing season, the City of Norman's Code Compliance Division reminds residents and businesses to help keep the community attractive and pest-free by regularly mowing lawns. See more information, tips and reminders from Code Compliance below.

  • Grass and weeds need to be kept shorter than twelve inches in height. These ordinances maintain the appearance of our community, but they are also important for the health and safety of our residents. Mosquitoes and other pests are drawn to tall vegetation, debris and standing water.
  • If Code Compliance finds that a violation of the City’s ordinance exists, a written notice is sent to the property owner of record, who is given 10 days to address the issue. If the violation is not resolved, Code Compliance can file charges in Municipal Court and/or hire an independent contractor to bring the property into compliance and bill the cost of the work plus administrative fees to the property owner. 
  • Certain public rights of way adjacent to property owners should also be maintained, if not managed by a homeowner’s association. These rights of ways include alleys and the areas behind back fences that abut a street or alley.
  • Tree limbs left in the yard by the electric company subcontractors trimming trees near power lines are the responsibility of the property owner to remove.
  • All vehicles must be parked on an improved surface. Yard parking on the grass or dirt is prohibited. Gravel for parking surfaces in the urban area has been prohibited since 1966 and is only allowed on older properties where gravel parking was in place prior to the prohibition. New gravel driveways or expanding current gravel driveways is prohibited.
  • Health ordinances prohibit items outside that are not intended for outside storage, such as household furniture, tree limbs on the ground, household appliances, lumber and boards, clothing and stagnant water. Sanitation will not remove anything outside of the polycarts unless a bulk trash pickup has been previously scheduled for an additional fee. Residents can contact Sanitation at 405-329-1023 to schedule a bulk collection of large items for an additional fee or can take the debris to the transfer station at 3901 Chautauqua Avenue. Items outside the polycarts scheduled for bulk trash pickup cannot be placed outside more than one week prior to the scheduled removal date (includes spring and fall cleanup events). Learn more about Sanitation Services here.
  • Residents who would like to report a property that is not maintained can contact Code Compliance at 405-366-5332 during regular business hours, or leave a message after hours. A complaint can be filed online anytime at When a complaint is received, Code Compliance inspects the property to determine if a violation exists and when it does, provides written notice of the violation to the property owner and/or to any other responsible party.
  • Remember grass clippings should not be blown into the street and that limiting lawn fertilizer helps our environment: Learn more here.
  • Norman’s City ordinances can be viewed online at

Call 405-366-5332 for more information regarding Code Compliance in the City of Norman.