City of Norman awarded more than $300,000 in grants

Grants awarded during the Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Committee of the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments in January 2022

The Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) took action to award the City of Norman more than $300,000, collectively, in grant funding for projects that will result in positive air quality impacts for the Norman community. The grants include:


  • Public Fleet Clean Air Congestion and Air Quality (CMAQ) Grants
    • Norman was awarded $186,000 for two fast-charging electric vehicle stations to be installed at City Hall in 2022.


The electrical charging stations will complement other electric vehicle charging stations in Norman, at locations such as the new Municipal Maintenance facilities at Northbase, Robinson Crossing Shopping Center, Rudy’s, and the downtown Gray Street Parking Lot.


  • Air Quality Small Grants
    • Norman was awarded $11,402 for the Webster Avenue and University Boulevard on-street bike lanes in 2022.


Specifically, the bike lane projects are located on University Boulevard between Apache Street and Boyd Streets, and on Webster Avenue between Daws Street and Duffy Street. Both projects contain City matches of 31 percent and 35 percent, respectively, which will supply required signage for the projects.


    • Norman was awarded $120,000 for new/modified bus stops which will allow the City to implement the proposed, new bus routes from the Go Norman Transit Plan in 2022/2023.


The proposed, new routes will be simplified and provide greater efficiencies – for both drivers and passengers – as they will largely be on main streets and be bidirectional, allowing utilization of the same route to and from the Transit Center.


Grant agreements between the City of Norman and Association of Central Oklahoma Governments will go before Norman City Council for approval in the near future.


“I appreciate the hard work of staff in finding and applying for additional dollars for our City,” said Mayor Breea Clark. “We are also incredibly grateful for the support of the ACOG Board and their committees.”