Change in Control to be installed at Pendleton Drive & Rock Creek Trail

Change in Intersection Control will occur on 1/3/23 at Pendleton Drive and Rock Creek Trail.

The change is the result of an intersection evaluation brought on by a citizen concern. During the intersection evaluation it was determined that a lack of sight distance looking to the south across Rock Creek Trail from the north, coupled with predominant movements between the north leg of Pendleton Drive and the Rock Creek Trail leg, warrants the change in control.

Current control has only the Rock Creek Trail leg of the “T-Intersection” stopping.  The Pendleton Drive legs are not required to stop.  The changes will include a “STOP” sign installed on the northbound Pendleton Drive leg.  Only the southbound Pendleton Drive approach will operate with no control.  A “Stop Ahead” sign will be installed on the northbound Pendleton Drive approach to the intersection. Flags will be added temporarily to all new signs to bring attention to the control changes.

Questions may be directed to the Department of Public Works at 405.366.5453.