Waterline Break: Robinson & 36th Avenue NE, 9/21/23

2:45 P.M. 9/28/23: Staff reports needed repairs have been made and flushing operations have occurred. The line will be returned to full service after staff completes testing over the weekend.


8:30 A.M. 9/22/23: Repair work to the line is ongoing; crews have carried out needed excavation at the site. Water pressure/service has returned to normal, per Utilities staff, and the road has been reopened.


10:47 P.M. 9/21/23: Staff reports situational improvement and expects normal water usage to be able to resume in the next 1-2 hours. If other instruction is advised, another update will be made available.


9:38 P.M.: Staff reports the break has been isolated and water levels are trending in the right direction, but residents are still asked to conserve water during this time. Additional updates will continue to be made available on this webpage as they are received.


8:57 P.M. 9/21/23: Utilities staff report that the location of the break (a 42-inch line) is approximately a quarter mile east of 24th Avenue NE off of E. Robinson Street, near the Vernon Campbell Water Treatment Plant. A portion of E. Robinson Street is closed; drivers should avoid this area. Staff is working to isolate valves but there is no estimated time of isolation or repair at this time. Residents should still conserve water. Additional updates will be made available as reports are received from the Utilities Department. 


8:14 P.M. 9/21/23: Staff is still working to determine the exact location of the waterline break but believes it to be a large transmission main. Residents are asked to conserve water until this situation is remedied. Additional updates will be made available as reports are received from the Utilities Department.


7:43 P.M. 9/21/23: There has been a line break on Robinson and 36th Avenue NE. The Utilities Department is working to isolate valves, which should restore pressure. This is expected to occur by 8:15 p.m. Any significant updates regarding this situation will be posted to this webpage for the community.