Strong Towns to kickoff Norman Community Action Lab

A Community Action Lab – a 24-month program comprised of in-depth community conversations, leadership training and resource expansion – is set to begin in 2023, coordinated through Strong Towns in partnership with the City of Norman.

Norman City Council approved Contract K-2223-53 in November 2022, which outlines five project phases designed to “help shift the vital center of dialogue using broad reach, nonpartisan appeal and accessible messaging.” Through a multi-pronged approach, Strong Towns plans to support City staff and elected officials in mobilizing citizenry while offering insights into best practices for building community resilience. As part of the Community Action Lab, residents and local leadership will identify challenges to focus on while Strong Towns reinforces bottom-up efforts to address them.

“It is the City’s hope that this proposal and the upcoming work for the Comprehensive Plan and other Master Plans will work in conjunction, creating cohesive plans that all Normanites will benefit from,” said Jane Hudson, City of Norman Planning Director.

Community members will have the opportunity to take part in this initiative in various capacities. Residents are encouraged to learn more and sign up to receive updates on the project at CAL Norman (