Stormwater Inlet Rehabilitation Project

SAC Services Inc., began select stormwater inlet replacements on various roads in urban Norman on 11/14/22. The work is expected to last for a duration of 120 days and will include minor traffic impacts in areas listed below. Alternate routes are advised during this construction.


Oakhurst Avenue – Approx. 600’ South of Lindsay Street

Sundown Drive – Between Parkland Way and Morgan Drive

48th Avenue NW – Approx. 50’ South of Davinbrook Drive

East Gray Street – Approx. 250’ East of North Stewart Avenue

Tarman Circle – Approx. 380’ North of East Boyd Street

Hawks Nest Drive – Approx. 140’ East of Eagle Cliff Drive

Foxborough Court – Intersection of Litchfield Lane and Foxborough Court



The City of Norman’s Stormwater Division is responsible for the maintenance of a vast network of stormwater inlets, flumes, vegetated channels, and storm sewer lines. Many of the City’s inlets are decades old and built of brick and mortar. Over time, the brick and mortar inlets have demanded an outsized maintenance effort. Intent on reducing the maintenance burden, staff compiled a list of the inlets in most need of replacement (found above). The list was further reduced to maximize effect and meet budgetary constraints. The project contract was approved by Norman City Council in August 2022.


Questions about the project or construction may be directed to 405-366-5455 or