Public Meetings, Interactive Website for EDC Update announced

The Norman City Council received a briefing by city staff and outside experts along with a copy of the updated Engineering Design Criteria (EDC), which sets forth quality levels for public infrastructure improvements in Norman, on 11/29/22. The updated draft comes after nearly three years of meetings for review and feedback, after the EDC Update was authorized by Norman City Council in 2019. Contractor Freese and Nichols has been engaged to assist with the process.


“Almost all new roads, bridges, sidewalks, water lines, sewer lines, storm water systems and various other public infrastructure are created mostly by development of private land by landowners that already own or have recently purchased property,” said Public Works Director Shawn O’Leary. “These developers follow a process to improve the property and often sell the new homes or businesses to new owners. This process dedicates the roads or rights-of-way to the public for their use; it also provides for utility services ease of use, protection and repair with dedicated easements.”  Upon dedication by the developers, the City becomes responsible for maintenance of the new infrastructure in perpetuity. 


Since the City of Norman accepts responsibility to maintain roads, bridges, bike paths, safe drinking water, sanitary sewer, storm water systems and other important public services, certain standards must be met during design and construction in order for this acceptance to be granted.

“It is very important that this new public infrastructure is of the highest quality possible for the benefit of Norman citizens and to avoid unnecessary costs to the taxpayers for replacement or unexpected maintenance of the improvements”, explained City Engineer Scott Sturtz.


A copy of the updated EDC, other relevant documents and interactive communication platforms to submit public comment, can be found at: Feedback is welcome and encouraged. A video will be provided on this site in days to come, further explaining the EDC and details about navigating the website.


The EDC was first adopted by the Norman City Council in 1996.  Amendments were last made to the current EDC in 2006. Significant, proposed updates to the new criteria center around items related to Green Storm Water Infrastructure, Complete Streets, Accessibility, Traffic Impact Analyses and Innovative Construction Materials.



Two public meetings will be facilitated on 12/7/22 to receive community feedback on proposed updates. One meeting will be take place virtually and one meeting will be held in-person.



  • The in-person meeting will begin at 6 p.m. 12/7/22 in the Council Chambers at Norman City Hall, 201 W. Gray Street.


Paper copies of the EDC documents are also available in the Administrative Offices of the Public Works Department – Building A of the Municipal Complex, 201 W. Gray Street; and Norman Public Library Central, 103 W. Acres.


“Community feedback is a very important part of the updating process,” O’Leary said. “All comments and questions will be addressed, and those who choose to submit them will receive a response.”


The deadline to submit feedback on the EDC is 5 p.m. 12/30/22.


In January and February 2023, the Norman City Council will review the final draft EDC and Construction Drawings/Specifications, along with all of the comments/questions submitted by citizens, developers and other stakeholders. The City Council is tentatively scheduled to adopt the new EDC and Construction Drawings/Specifications in February 2023.


Questions may be directed to the Department of Public Works at 405.366.5453.