PSA: Odor Investigations, 3/9/22

5:30 P.M. 3/9/22: Odors appeared to dissipate by mid-morning, about the time calls began to decrease. All lift stations were physically inspected by staff. No findings of concern were made in Norman. Citizen concerns may continued to be reported to the Action Center if necessary at

11:00 A.M. 3/9/22: For the last several hours, City staff has investigated areas of reported odor concerns throughout the city. Additionally, neighboring communities and partner utility agencies have been contacted to help identify the issue. No significant findings have been made and calls from the community in regard to this issue have greatly declined.

The physical examination of all lift stations and inspection of lines by Utilities staff are ongoing. At this time, staff reports that all systems are on line and operating normally.

The health and safety of the community remains the topmost priority of the City of Norman. Residents are still encouraged to report any cause of concern in regard to odor or otherwise if necessary. Report odor concerns to


8:40 A.M. 3/9/22: City staff have received reports of a strong odor, primarily in the northwest area of Norman. Staff and first responders are investigating the situation to determine its cause and remedy. Applicable agencies have been contacted for assistance as needed. Additional updates on this matter will be made available through this webpage. Thank you.