NPD Rolls Out 12 New Hybrid Patrol Vehicles

The Norman Police Department will roll out 12 hybrid patrol vehicles in the coming weeks. The addition of these new vehicles to the police department fleet follow the completion of a 15-month pilot program in partnership with the City of Norman's Automotive Fleet Division.   

NPD piloted a 2021 Ford Hybrid Police Patrol Utility Interceptor within its Patrol Division for 15 months. The vehicle was utilized for two, 10-hour shifts per day. The pilot showed a significant reduction in engine run time, reduced maintenance costs, and an overall increase in reliability. 

For fiscal year 2022, the city decided to purchase 100 percent hybrid vehicles for the department. These new vehicles include 10 Ford Police Patrol Utility Interceptors and two F-150 trucks. As a result of this vehicle deployment, NPD is now a leader among the city's fleet for use of hybrid patrol vehicles. 

A photo of NPD's new hybrid police patrol vehicles.