Norman Public Library Central to close for remediation

Library located at 103 W. Acres Street

UPDATE, 4:52 PM 5/16/24: Primarily as it relates to the City budget, Norman Public Library Central matters were discussed (beginning around time marker 43:41) at the 5/16/24 Finance Committee Meeting, which can be viewed at

The City of Norman has engaged outside counsel on this matter and is hopeful for a positive resolution.


UPDATE, 9:54 AM 4/24/24: Resolution R-2324-141 was passed by City Council at the Regular City Council meeting of April 23, 2024.

  • See updated FAQs here.
  • See a statement from Cavins Group here.


UPDATE, 11:16 AM 4/22/24: The April 23, 2024, Regular City Council agenda includes an item (#20) to consider the adoption, rejection, amendment and/or postponement of Resolution R-2324-141, "A resolution of the Council of the City of Norman, Oklahoma authorizing the City Attorney to retain certain outside counsel to provide legal representation to and on behalf of the City regarding design and/or construction issues with the Norman Public Library Central." See the full agenda and access applicable documents here.


UPDATE, 9:05 AM 4/12/24: Norman Public Library Central will be closed indefinitely, as damage is extensive and severe in nature. The City Attorney’s Office will lead efforts in hopes of working cooperatively with involved parties to establish a full remediation plan and timeline to reopen. With recent rains, additional mold was discovered and the City continues to engage with Cavins Group to control and mitigate. (Currently, Cavins Group has completed the original scope of work and – as build back plans are reached – will continue to monitor water intrusions when rain or severe weather arise.) Applicable records can be found in the public-facing archive of reports at: In total, approximately $900,000 has been spent or is outstanding regarding the library’s remediation efforts. In working toward resolve, it is expected that staff will seek approval from Norman City Council for additional and necessary funding allocations in future public meetings. As more information is made available and can be disclosed, the community will be kept apprised.


UPDATE, 4:16 PM 3/29/24: Norman City Council will convene into an executive session on April 2, 2024, regarding the status of Norman Central Library. Contractor CDC will be in attendance to discuss findings. The library is expected to remain closed until a build-back plan can be solidified, which is dependent on several factors. As additional information becomes available and can be disclosed, the community will be kept apprised.


UPDATE, 2:50 PM 3/22/24: Envelope Consultant work continues; an applicable item pending the consultant's final report is expected to be placed on an agenda of a Norman City Council meeting next month. Remediation services, to date, have cost $500,000 and been paid for from the City's Emergency Reserve fund.

View reports and documents regarding this situation, to date, at


UPDATE, 12:05 PM 1/31/24: Remediation services continue and are expected to be completed by Cavins Group in mid-February. The City of Norman has entered into an agreement with an envelope consultant company, which will soon survey the facility and provide information on findings to the Norman City Council in a future public meeting. Necessary build back and repairs at the library will take place following information and recommendations from the envelope consultant company. Work timelines remain fluid; the community will be kept apprised of relevant updates to this situation at

View reports and documents regarding this situation, to date, at


UPDATE, 4:17 PM 11/29/23: Relevant reports and documents have now been made available for review online at

Administration of Norman Public Library Central also shared with the media and members of the community this week that, pending board approval, a new temporary location will be sought in efforts to continue offering in-person library programming in core Norman. See updates or information on the additional 11 locations of Pioneer Library System now open at


UPDATE, 12:35 PM 11/28/23: At this time, mold is contained and isolated within the facility. Crews from Cavins Group are making daily inspections to ensure no changes to air quality or containment occurs. The City of Norman is in the process of hiring a building envelope consultant to help determine the underlying cause of mold growth at the facility. Additional information and an updated version of FAQs can be accessed here. A map of affected areas of Norman Public Library Central can be found here.

The City of Norman, alongside Cavins Group and Pioneer Library System, will host a Joint Press Conference the afternoon of 11/28/23 at Norman City Hall to provide media agencies with a situational update and answer any questions regarding the matter. Updates will continue to be made available for all at this webpage. In the near future, regular reports from the remediation contractor will also be made available through the City website for review.


UPDATE, 9:30 AM 11/25/23: Norman Public Library Central continues to be closed temporarily due to detection of elevated mold level in multiple areas of the facility. Cavins Group, specializing in disaster response services since 2014, is assisting with the necessary mold remediation services.

Mold investigation and testing of Cavins has consisted of a visual inspection, testing of air quality in common areas, and testing any areas of concern that were discovered during the visual inspection. Their testing methods consisted of spore trap samples, tape lifts, and bulk samples. Thirty-two samples were taken to Quantem Labs for third party analysis and verification. At this time, the following areas had elevated mold levels, Fusarium, or Stachybotrys mold present: Staff office 115, first floor common area, first floor newspaper area, first floor southwest corner exit door, first floor bay windows in the children’s area, second floor southeast corner, room 201A, third floor common area, Room 305, Room 311, third floor southwest patio exit door area, third floor south emergency exit stairwell, and the roof access door landing. The microbial growth located appears to be related to water intrusion.

Cavins Group has recommended that all visible mold found should be removed, all areas of elevated microbial counts be properly cleaned and treated, and all exterior points of water intrusion be repaired to prevent further microbial growth. View a copy of the mold inspection report here.


UPDATE, 4:10 PM 11/21/23: Upon further information and discussion with contractors, extensive remediation will be needed at Norman Public Library Central. A 5-month closure is effective immediately and the community will be kept apprised of progress or significant updates to the situation. View FAQs or additional information here.


UPDATE, 10:30 AM 11/21/23: Norman Public Library Central will remained closed through November 24, 2023, and additional updates will be made available to the public as they are received.

As investigation continues, contractors have discovered additional areas of concern on each floor of the library. A thorough report and explanation of findings is expected to be received by the City of Norman this week. Water intrusion potentially stemming from roof and envelope issues are believed to have contributed to mold growth; as remediation continues, applicable contractors will determine the extent of damage and its cause.

City of Norman staff are working with Pioneer Library System staff, alongside contractors, to evaluate reopening options and timelines. Patron and staff safety remains the topmost priority of all entities. Updates on this situation will continue to be posted to this webpage at


POSTED, 11/15/23: Norman Public Library Central, 103 W. Acres, will be closed November 16-20 on for the start of mold remediation. Officials were made aware of mold detection on November 15, 2023, and took steps to remediate as quickly as possible. The facility is owned by the City of Norman and operated through Pioneer Library System. Patron and staff safety remains the topmost priority of both entities.

The library is slated to reopen the week of November 20, 2023, after essential work is completed.



Norman Public Library Central branch opened to the public on November 3, 2019. It is an 80,000 sq. ft. facility with areas for all ages, conference room space, computer stations, study rooms and more. It was designed by MSR and built by Flintco. Read more about the project here.