May 2023 Election Information

There will be an election on May 9, 2023, concerning the Norman Transient Guest Room Tax. This tax is not paid by Norman residents.

Early voting will be May 4 and May 5, 2023. The deadline to register to vote in this election was April 14, 2023. Find the election proclamation and notice here. View a presentation (beginning at 3:25:32) about this proposition from a public meeting at Norman City Hall here.

The "Room Tax" Fund is a Special Revenue Fund established to separately account for the tax on the gross revenues of hotel and motel establishments. 

According to Ordinance Number O-7980-58, which passed in May 1980, the revenues are to be set aside and "used exclusively for the purpose of encouraging, promoting and fostering convention and tourism development of the City of Norman. Uses in parks development and in promotion of arts and humanities are thus contemplated." The formula for distribution of revenue from this tax is as follows:

  • Administrative Fee (City of Norman): 4%
  • Parks Development (City of Norman): 25% of Balance
  • Arts & Humanities (Norman Arts Council): 25% of Balance
  • Convention & Tourism (Norman Convention & Visitors Bureau): 50% of Balance 

Among the programs funded by the Room Tax are convention promotion activities, which have attracted major new hotels to the City; improvement to Norman's community parks; public artwork; and annual festivals including: Jazz in June, Medieval Fair and the Norman Music Festival.

Approval of the 2023 vote would raise the rate from 5% to 8%. The additional funds from the rate increase would mainly pay for promoting sports tourism in Norman, and improvements to sports facilities. See more information and data concerning the Room Tax Fund in City of Norman budgets and reports here.


Questions about voting in Norman should be directed to the Cleveland County Election Board at 405.366.0210.