June 2023 Election Information

UPDATE, 6/14/23: The Water Rate Proposition was approved by voters with 56.33% voting in favor, according to unofficial election results published by the Oklahoma State Election Board. New rates will go into effect September 1, 2023. The community will be kept apprised of upgrades and projects to occur in improving the public water system.

POSTED 5/10/23: Norman voters will cast ballots in a Water Rate Proposition on June 13, 2023. Norman City Council approved this item to be put toward a vote of the people in March 2023. 

Passage of the June 13 proposition by Norman voters would provide funding for:

  • Waterline replacement
    • Nearly half of Norman's lines have exceeded their lifespans, often failing and creating disruptions.
  • Disinfection System
    • Norman must be brought into DEQ compliance for groundwater treatment to ensure a reliable, safe water supply.
  • Lead & Copper Line Mandates
    • New, unfunded federal rules have been introduced and will take effect in 2024.
  • Water Service Operations
    • Chemicals, utilities & equipment costs have risen in properly treating and serving water for the community.

The City of Norman/Norman Utilities Authority receives revenues from water customers through monthly billing based on approved water rates to fund operations and maintenance, capital improvement projects, staffing, and other associated fees and charges solely for the water system. No funds from the City of Norman General Fund or sales tax revenue are allocated to fund costs for the water system. In accordance with the City Charter, utility rates can only be increased through a public vote. As such, water rates have only been increased two times within the past two decades with the latest approval in 2015.

Normanites on private well systems (Normanites who do not currently receive a water bill from the City of Norman) will not be affected by passage of this proposition.

Learn more about what is on the ballot by clicking here

Informational public meetings hosted by City staff and elected officials will take place per the below schedule:

  • 6 pm 5/22/23 @Norman Public Library Central, 103 W. Acres
  • 6 pm 5/24/23 @Norman Public Library East, 3051 E. Alameda
  • 6 pm 6/5/23 @Whittier Rec Center, 2000 W. Brooks