Fifth Annual Artful Inlets Walk-through and Celebration planned with Mayor Larry Heikkila on May 25, 2023

Mayor Larry Heikkila will celebrate the completion of artwork for the Fifth Annual Artful Inlets initiative with a walk-through and celebration alongside creators and community members on May 25. The tour begins at 5 p.m. at Colonial Estates Park, 1641 East Lindsey Street, and all are welcome to attend.

“The Artful Inlets program raises awareness about the harmful effects that pollutants in stormwater runoff can have on our local waterways,” said City of Norman Environmental and Sustainability Manager Michele Loudenback. “Talented artists create masterpieces on and around infrastructure that are not only beautiful to look at but help to remind everyone to take care of our water systems. All the water we have today is all the water we will ever have.”

The City of Norman and coordinating partners at the Norman Arts Council thank participating artists, who are listed below with the names of their works.

  • Haley Spradlin – “History in the Making”
  • Valoree Biggs and Rachel Etters – “Facing a Brighter Future”
  • Kayla Hawkins – “Native Fish of Oklahoma”
  • Josh Jaiye Farrel – “Water Glyph”
  • Sophie Miller – “Where the Water Goes”

This year’s theme is “Make Pollution History” and brings Artful Inlets installations to a tally of 26 since its inception in 2018. Event organizers hope to continue bringing the program to different parts of Norman in years to come. The call for interested artists is announced each Spring.

For further information, call 405-366-5435.