Constitution Street Multi-Modal Path Construction at Classen Boulevard Lane Closures

On 3/10/23 SAC Services, Inc. will progress constructing the multi-modal path towards the intersection of Constitution Street and Classen Boulevard. The construction work will be phased, with the first phase of the work being at the northwest corner of the intersection, which will require the closing of the southbound, outside lane of Classen Boulevard. The next phase will be at the northeast corner of the intersection and will require the closure of the northbound outside lane of Classen Boulevard and the westbound through lane of Steamboat Way. This work is expected to last for a duration of two weeks.  Alternate routes are advised during this construction.

Questions may be directed to Chris Smith at 405-366-5265 or or to Jami Short at 405-366-5327 or



In 2020, the City of Norman was awarded federal grant funding under the Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP) for the construction of new sidewalks along federally functionally classified roads, for which the 10-foot wide, multi-modal path along the north side of Constitution Street was selected for funding. Once design was completed in January 2022, the project was competitively bid through the Oklahoma Department of Transportation in May 2022 and the construction contract was awarded to SAC Services, Inc. in June 2022. Construction of the path began in September 2022 and is near 90% completion. The remaining construction of the path will be on Constitution Street east of the Railroad Crossing to the intersection with Classen Boulevard.