City of Norman to launch new online service portal on November 6, 2023

The City of Norman will introduce a new online service portal next week that will increase convenience and efficiencies for those doing business with various city departments. The portal digitizes permit processes, business licenses, project submittals, open records requests and more.

“This has been a multi-year process that we are incredibly excited to bring to the community,” said Jane Hudson, Community & Planning Director for the City of Norman. “It is our hope that this new portal will allow our City team to best meet the needs of residents, builders and developers that are choosing Norman. A project of this magnitude will undoubtedly have its hurdles, but our staff is prepared to navigate any challenges and help in all ways possible.”

The online service portal will be accessible at beginning at 8 a.m. November 6; it is friendly for all devices. The portal is powered through CityView, a municipal software service provider. Those interested in the portal can view FAQs and additional information on the launch date of November 6, at which time they will be prompted to create user credentials when utilizing its application or submission services.

Beginning November 1 and until the launch, systems currently used online for aforementioned services will be inaccessible for a conversion period. Permits and inspection requests will be limited during this period; only checks (no cash) will be accepted during this time for such services at applicable City offices.

Following the launch, City staff will continue to serve those wishing to do business in-person at the Development Center and City Hall, as needed, though fully digitizing services is an ultimate goal. Open training and support during business hours will be made available for community members during the GO-Live week of November 6. Additional support and training opportunities can be requested as needed through the Department of Planning & Community Development. Partners within the building community – builders and contractors that frequently submit plans or obtain permits – have been invited to a “Sneak Peek” and training overview event this week.

“This portal will enhance and refine the way the City of Norman conducts business and development for Norman,” said Kari Madden, Project Manager of the City of Norman’s Information Technology Department. “This has been a very exciting project to work on and implement, and we look forward to seeing how these changes can positively impact our community and staff.”

For more information, call 405.366.5339 or 405.366.5311.