Changes to occur to All-Way Stop Control at Acres Street and Jones Avenue

Stop signs on Jones Avenue will remain at this intersection; removal of Stop signs on Acres will occur.

Removal of All-Way Stop Control will occur on 9/12/23 at Acres Street and Jones Avenue. The removal is the result of an intersection evaluation brought on by multiple citizen concerns. It has been determined that the location of the intersection is too close to the existing at-grade crossing of the BNSF Railroad resulting in a tendency for eastbound traffic on Acres Street to back up toward and even onto the tracks. 

The stop signs on Jones Avenue will remain. Changes include the removal of “STOP” signs with all-way plates on the two Acres Street approaches to the intersection. The all-way plates that exist on the two Jones Avenue approaches to the intersection will be replaced with Cross Traffic Does Not Stop platesFlags will be added temporarily to the Jones Avenue STOP signs that remain to bring attention to the control changes.

Questions may be directed to the Department of Public Works at 405.366.5453.