Bridge Maintenance Activity to begin between Oklahoma Avenue and Barkley Street on East Brooks Street

Cimarron Construction Company, a contractor, will begin maintenance activities on the East Brooks Street bridge located between Oklahoma Avenue and Barkley Street on 1/24/2023. This work is expected to last for a duration of 14 days and will require the closure of the bridge. Alternate routes are necessary during this construction. Signage for detour routes will be put in place for the travelling public.

Questions about the construction may be directed to Joseph Hill at 405-329-2524 or

History of the Project

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation (ODOT) is tasked by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to perform Bridge Safety Inspections for all publicly owned structures greater than 20 feet in length.  Inspections are performed at least once every two years to identify any critical findings, document the bridge condition and make repair recommendations if necessary.  This project will utilize the findings from the inspections and perform necessary maintenance on the following locations:

NBI No. 07175 – E. Stella Rd. (0.3 miles west of 144th Ave. NE)

               NBI No. 25114 – E. Alameda St. (0.1 miles west of S. Carter Ave.)

               NBI No. 25115 – E. Alameda St. (20 feet east of S. Carter Ave.)

               NBI No. 20609 – Franklin Rd. (0.8 miles east of Indian Meridian Ave.)

               NBI No. 28824 – 36th Ave. NW (0.6 miles south of W. Robinson St.)

               NBI No. 12331 – E. Brooks St (300 feet east of Oklahoma Ave.)

               NBI No. 10884 – 72nd Ave. SE (0.1 miles south of Cedar Lane Rd.)

               NBI No. 20084 – Crossroads Blvd. (0.2 miles east of 36th Ave. NW)

               NBI No. 10269 – 156th Ave. NE (0.3 miles south of Franklin Rd.)

               NBI No. 19348 – Franklin Rd. (0.2 miles west of 72nd Ave. NE)


This project involves various maintenance activities on bridges located throughout Norman. On 8/23/2022 Norman City Council approved Contract K-2223-8 with Cimarron Construction Company to complete work on the above listed locations.