60th Avenue NE Bridge to close as safety precaution

Bridge located between Rock Creek Road and Tecumseh

UPDATE, 4/11/24: Since closure and due to impending work involved with the bridge replacement, the City of Norman has been working through Right-of-Way acquisitions on four different parcels of land surrounding the 60th Avenue NE Bridge. Three were obtained and, as of April 9, 2024, City Council has given direction to staff to move forward on the last through eminent domain. One permanent easement of less than 14,000 square feet remains to be acquired, along with a temporary construction easement to provide access to the project.  Through the eminent domain process, the Court appoints commissioners to value the property the City needs for the project. Once the commissioners determine the value, the City will pay the value into court and obtain the easements by operation of law. This will enable the City to move forward with the bridge project.


POSTED 12/1/22: The 60th Avenue NE Bridge over Rock Creek – located between Rock Creek Road and Tecumseh Road – will be closed at 5 p.m. December 1, 2022, due to the discovery of a serious structural concern following multiple inspections. Detour routes will be set up along 48th Avenue NE for the traveling public.

An engineering firm has been awarded a contract to design a bridge replacement. Full plans are not expected to be complete until late 2023 but staff is currently working to evaluate additional options that may expedite the process of replacement. Community members will be kept apprised of progress.

The 60th Avenue NE Bridge was constructed in 1940, with a current maximum load of 4 tons; school buses and fire trucks have been prohibited from passing the bridge for many years. The bridge carries approximately 1,500 vehicles a day. At this time, the tentative cost for replacement of this bridge is $3 to $4 million.

The safety and wellness of all Normanites remains the topmost priority for City of Norman staff and officials. To access a staff report by memorandum with details on the bridge concern, click here. To access an Oklahoma Department of Transportation Bridge Inspection report, click here.