2024 Annual Citywide Garage Sale Information

The 2024 Annual Citywide Garage Sale in Norman will take place June 21, June 22 and June 23. During the time of the citywide sale, no city garage sale permit is required.

Registration to have a participating property publicly listed for community viewing will begin at 9 a.m. on May 24. A link to register will be made available at the homepage of Normanok.gov; individuals may also contact the Action Center at action.center@normanok.gov or call 405-366-5396 during regular business hours to register. There is no cost associated with registration.

Participants must sign up by noon on June 14 to be included on the list. For registration, you will only need the property address and dates of participation. Registration for this event is optional and is not required to have a garage sale.

The list of participating addresses will be available on the City of Norman website (normanok.gov), City Hall (201 W. Gray Street – City Hall) and at the Norman Police Department (201 W. Gray Street –  Building B), beginning June 19, after 3 p.m. The list of participating addresses will also be available on an interactive map that will be accessible from the City’s website.