On-line Inspections and Permits

On-Line Inspections

Building Permits CityView (on-line inspections) allows contractors to view the following information for their project:  Status Detail, Application Fees, Permit Status, Inspection Status, Plan Tracking,  Schedule/Cancel Inspections, Project Inspections.  These may be searched by method of the Application Number, Address, Parcel Number or Name (Begins with or Contains).

Schedule Inspections:

Inspections may be scheduled up to five (5) workdays in advance. Inspection request made after 8:15AM will print the next work-day. 

Cancel Inspections:

Cancellations may be made on-line although in advance of the work order printing.  If you need to cancel an inspection and the work order has already printed you will need to contact the Permit Staff at (405) 366-5339. 

Inspection Sequencing:

New single-family building permit projects, inspection sequencing process requires the lowest numbers in the sequencing to be completed before the next inspection in the sequencing can be requested.  The inspection types identified with 999 numbers can be scheduled at any time during the project.

Contact Us:

For questions about on-line inspections please e-mail us at Development.Services@NormanOK.gov.