Parking Service Officer

Salary: $15.95 per hour (Non-Exempt)
Job Type: Full Time
Shift: Various Shifts (between 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday)
Recruitment Period: Open Until Filled

Job Description

This job classification has been designated as a safety sensitive job classification in accordance with the Oklahoma Medical Marijuana and Patient Protection Act, 63 O.S., § 427.1 et seq., (OSCN 2019), effective August 29, 2019. This means employees in this job classification can be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination if they test positive for marijuana components or metabolites, even if they possess a medical marijuana license.


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Education and Experience:  High school diploma or equivalent.  Any experience which provides the required knowledge and skills. 

Licenses and Certifications:  Must possess a valid Oklahoma Driver’s license and have a satisfactory motor vehicle record. 

Knowledge:  City parking ordinances.  Proper and safe driving techniques. 

Skills:   Communicating orally and in writing. Following oral and written instructions.  Reading maps.  Interpersonal skills necessary to be understood by and courteous of irate citizens while performing enforcement duties and work cooperatively with fellow employees.

Essential Functions:  Patrols assigned areas to visually observe motor vehicles for improper parking and expired meters.  Marks tires of vehicles, records time of day and returns to vehicle at specified intervals to determine if violation has occurred.  Completes parking citation form for violators and issues parking tickets.  Submits required forms for processing and record keeping purposes.  Checks status of vehicles prior to impoundment via radio/walkie-talkie and determines whether to impound vehicle.  Completes proper procedures prior to impoundment of vehicles to include conducting an inventory of items, noting any damages, and the logging of required information for vehicle identification.  Collects payments for parking violations that are placed in courtesy payment boxes in various locations.  Transports monies to the Municipal Court.  Appears in court to testify to the facts of a contested parking ticket.  May escort violators to municipal court to post bonds or pay fines, if requested.  Performs minor repairs and general maintenance on equipment such as ensuring the vehicle has adequate gas, oil and water and clearing jammed meters.  Directs traffic physically or with the use of automated manual traffic devices as needed. Assists citizens with moving inoperable vehicle, giving directions, and notifying emergency communications in the case of accident or related emergencies.  Performs related work as required.

Mental and Physical Abilities:  Physical ability to monitor parking meters outdoors during majority of daily work schedule. Work requires physical effort associated with walking for extensive periods of time under varying weather conditions. Ability to concentrate and pay close attention to detail.  Ability to understand conversation in a noisy environment.  Ability to read automobile license plates.  Ability to maintain regular, predictable and punctual attendance. 

Working Conditions:  Frequent exposure of up to 80% of work time to dirt, dust, extremes of temperature, and noxious fumes and odors from traffic.  May be exposed to verbal and physical confrontation.

Additional Information:  Selected applicant must pass an extensive background investigation, psychological test, polygraph, physical examination, and drug screen.