UPDATE: Investigation into Incident that Initiated Amber Alert Ongoing

The Norman Police Department (NPD) continues to investigate the incident that initiated this week’s Amber Alert.

NPD received a missing person report regarding a 23-year-old female and 10-month-old male on the evening of July 25.

The reporting party informed officers that both were last seen on July 21 when the woman left her residence with her 10-month-old child for the weekend. She was slated to return on July 23. Family and friends attempted to contact her when she did not return as planned, abnormal behavior for her. She also ceased all communication with friends and family.

On the morning of July 26, Norman investigators received information that indicated both the woman and child could be in imminent danger. Evidence of a possible nexus to interstate sex trafficking elevated the level of concern for both her and the child.

An Amber Alert was requested and issued through the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

Investigative leads led to Houston, Texas. Working alongside both state and federal partners, both the woman and child were located safe in the early morning hours of July 27 and both were successfully reunited with friends and family later that day.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing in coordination with local, state, and federal law enforcement partners. Anyone with information related to this incident is asked to contact NPD at 405-321-1600.

NPD greatly appreciates the assistance provided by multiple local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies since receipt of the initial report. The coordinated investigative efforts and law enforcement partnership were key to locating both the woman and her child safe.