Permanent containers or compostable bags recommended for yard waste

Permanent containers or paper compostable bags are recommended for Norman Sanitation customers that set out waste for yard collection, as such transitions will increase efficiencies and better serve the environment.

“This type of change helps keep rates low for customers through savings in temporary employment expenses during the grow season,” said Bret Scovill, Solid Waste Manager. “The results of transitioning to containers or paper compostable bags save time, create safer working conditions for staff, and decrease the chance of incompatible materials entering compost machinery.”

Currently, yard waste contained in plastic bags (grass clippings, most commonly) are sliced open and dumped in order to be transported to the compost facility. The plastic bags, unable to be reused or recycled, are then set aside to be taken to a landfill. More than 35,000 tons of compost were processed at the Norman facility last year, with many materials having to be removed from plastic bags.

“We have developed a robust compost and recycling program in our community because of the support and collaboration of residents who truly care about taking care of our environment,” Scovill said. “We hope to continue finding ways to improve in order to optimize services for them.”

Yard waste collection is carried out manually, by hands of Sanitation workers, Scovill said, so yard waste containers should hold no more than 40 gallons of waste to be picked up. Permanent containers would be emptied and set back at the curb of a residence; paper compostable bags would be taken in full (bag and waste within it) to the compost station to be composted. Such containers and paper compostable bags should be available in most hardware or home improvement stores. 

Questions may be directed to 405.329.1023.