NPD Proactive Crime Enforcement Unit Works to Reduce Bike Theft

The Norman Police Department (NPD) Proactive Crime Enforcement Unit (PACE) has initiated a Bait Bike Project to help address the ongoing problem of bike theft in Norman.

Multiple bicycles equipped with tracking devices have been deployed across Norman over the course of the last month. The bicycles have been stolen multiple times and are most often taken within 48 hours of placement at a location.

To date, the Bait Bike Project has resulted in six arrests on various complaints including Knowingly Concealing Stolen Property, Petit Larceny, Warrants, and Obstruction.

NPD reminds residents who utilize a bicycle to also take the necessary steps to prevent theft. Bicyclists are encouraged to always lock up their bicycle or bring it inside for storage, document the bicycle’s serial number, take photos of the bicycle, and register all bicycles through the NPD/OUPD program.

If you witness a crime or suspicious activity, always contact NPD immediately by utilizing 911 or the non-emergency line, 405-321-1444.


Register a bicycle through the OUPD/NPD Program