Mandatory Water Restrictions implemented for Norman Utility customers

UPDATE, posted 7/17/22:

PSA, posted 7/13/22: The City of Norman will implement mandatory water restrictions by order of proclamation by the city manager for Norman Utility customers, effective immediately, as the community has reached critical levels of water supply.


  • Outdoor irrigation is limited to one day per week and prohibited on weekend days. Assigned irrigation days coincide with trash pickup days. View a Residential Sanitation Collection Map at: . Commercial properties that may receive trash pickup more than once a week should refer to this map: . NOTE: Hand-watering is permitted any day before 9 a.m. or after 6 p.m.
  • Pools may use water to maintain operational levels. Use of potable (water meeting drinking standards) water to refill ponds and lakes is prohibited.
  • Use of potable water at construction sites for dust control, compaction or wash downs is prohibited.
  • Unless taken to a commercial carwash, washing of cars, trucks and trailers or other vehicles is prohibited.
  • City splash pad operations will be reduced. Splash pads will be open daily only from 1-6 p.m.; any neighborhood splash pads utilizing City of Norman water should not be operational outside of these hours.

Water restrictions do not apply to residents operating on private water wells. Note non-potable water may be utilized for Westwood Golf & Park irrigation or other recreational sites.

The majority of City of Norman potable water comes from Lake Thunderbird, which experienced a pump outage that the public was made aware of on 7/7/22. Replacement is expected by 7/18/22, at which time water restrictions are expected to be lifted. Contingency plans of purchasing additional water from neighboring Oklahoma City are limited at this time.

The community will be kept aware of all updates to this situation, to include restriction expiration, at Questions may be directed to the Action Center:

View a copy of the City of Norman proclamation at: