Beginning on July 07, 2021 City Council Meeting Agendas will be posted on the New Public Meetings Directory Page once they become available. If you are looking for an agenda prior to July 07, 2021 please use this page for all Public Meetings. We are working diligently to upload past agendas and minutes. However, if you are needing a copy of one that is not posted please call the City Clerk's office at 405-366-5386.

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2021-07-28_board_of_adjustment_agenda 155.33 KB
2021-06-23_board_of_adjustment_minutes 294.07 KB
2021-06-23_board_of_adjustment_agenda 28.03 KB
2021-05-26_board_of_adjustment_minutes 173.79 KB
2021-05-26_board_of_adjustment_agenda 155.02 KB
2021-04-28_board_of_adjustment_minutes 407.84 KB
2021-04-28_board_of_adjustment_meeting_agenda 371.4 KB
2021-03-24_board_of_adjustment_minutes 291.19 KB
2021-03-24_board_of_adjustment_agenda 363.66 KB
2021-02-24_board_of_adjustment_minutes 1.11 MB
2021-02-24_board_of_adjustment_agenda 360.77 KB
2021-01-27_board_of_adjustment_minutes 282.21 KB
2021-01-27_board_of_adjustment_agenda 174.21 KB
*board_of_adjustment_meeting_schedule_2021 69.98 KB
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2020-12-02_board_of_adjustment_minutes 219.71 KB
2020-12-02_board_of_adjustment_agenda 27.73 KB
2020-11-04_board_of_adjustment_minutes 405.49 KB
2020-11-04_board_of_adjustment_agenda 192.03 KB
2020-10-28_board_of_adjustment_agenda_-_rescheduled 754.51 KB
2020-10-28_board_of_adjustment_agenda 176.87 KB