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Juneteenth Event Recap

The 2021 Juneteenth Festival held on Saturday, June 19, 2021 at Reaves Park was a true success all-around! 

An estimated 500 people attended this special event.  The run of show included opening remarks by Dr. George Henderson and his wife, Mrs. Barbara Henderson.  The Hendersons are community icons and Norman’s first Black homeowners.  A reading of the City of Norman’s Mayoral Proclamation naming June 19, 2021 as Juneteenth Day also took place. We shared words of truth, unity, hope, and commitment to an inclusive community for all Norman residents.

Thanks to our partners, who helped make this event a success!

  • Norman Parks and Recreation
  • Norman Police Department
  • Norman Fire Department
  • Norman Regional Health System
  • Jamee Salley’s Frisbee Dog Show
  • Pastor Gaines of Missionary Baptist
  • The Hendersons
  • BOLD Multimedia
  • OU Black Student Association
  • OU Black Graduate Student Association
  • Men United of Norman

Many spectators shared lots of positive commentary throughout the event.  Ms. Lillian, a Black woman and retired military who currently lives in Lawton, OK shared  she searched online for Juneteenth events.  When she read about Norman’s event she hopped in her car to attend and was glad she did!  Another vendor felt impressed with how beautiful the event was.  Throughout the event, one could see people overjoyed and some even moved to tears by the event.

This event was meaningful to the Black community and serves all others as well as it provided opportunities for understanding, impacting far beyond our city and bridging racial divides.

This year’s festival placed a positive historic mark for the City of Norman as the first city-sponsored Juneteenth event!  That significant support built-on last year’s first Juneteenth event created a robust outcome.  The reasons to be proud are many.

Hitting the inclusive mark means a space of belonging has been created.  The City of Norman met this mark with the 2021 Juneteenth Festival!  Good results all around!


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