The Mission of the Administration Division is to provide management support to the Engineering, Fleet, Stormwater, Street, and Traffic Control Divisions.


The Administration Division is composed of the Director of Public Works and one Administrative Technician IV.

Director of Public Works - Shawn O'Leary, P.E., CFM

Management Analyst - Cydney Karstens, MPA

(405) 366-5453


  • Evaluate and identify present and future community needs, establish priorities, formulate long and short range public works plan.  Research, develop and implement new strategies for innovative and improved service. 
  • Ensure all work is performed in conformance with appropriate standards and specifications and maintain awareness of federal and state regulations as they apply to various areas within the Public Works Department. 
  • Establish goodwill and resolve/respond to various issues by attending meetings, and through correspondence with various County, State and Federal regulatory agencies, civic and business associations, representatives of the press, City officials, citizens, and other City departments. 
  • Improve the appearance of the community through implementation of specific projects and programs. 
  • Implement American Public Works Association (APWA) Accreditation Program with an eye toward “continuous improvement”.


  • Coordinate major highway improvement projects with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation including Interstate 35, State Highway 9, and US Highway 77 and Robinson Street Underpass.
  • Continue the process of compliance with EPA and ODEQ Phase II Storm Water regulations by fulfilling the requirements of the NPDES permit and educate the community on the regulations.
  • Reduce traffic congestion/delay by monitoring and upgrading current Traffic Signal Timing Program, capital projects and other pro-active traffic system improvements. 
  • Enhance traffic safety by continuing the Traffic Calming Program. 
  • Expand the City beautification program started as a litter control program including a right-of-way mowing and edging program through contract services and enhanced street sweeping operations. 
  • Enhance City’s storm water management and flood control programs through the successful completion of the Storm Water Master Plan.

Alternative Fuel

Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Station

On February 24, 2009, Norman City Council adopted the Norman Alternative Fuel Program, one of very few such municipal programs in Oklahoma. Since that time, the City has become a leader in alternative fuel technology. Out of 101 Public/Private Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Fueling Facilities located in the Oklahoma Natural Gas (ONG) network, the City of Norman's CNG Fueling Facility is ranked 10th in Oklahoma for total volume throughput with a total dekatherm  usage of 161,656 translating into 1,293,248 gas gallon equivalents. In addition to environmental benefits, the city has saved approximately $1,453,303 since 2009 in fuel costs by replacing traditional fuel vehicles with CNG vehicles.

On January 9, 2012, The City of Norman opened a CNG Fueling Facility with public access. The station provides CNG for citizens and city vehicles. The facility was built with the aid of stimulus funds. In 2016, extra storage was added to the station and a smart control panel was added to take advantage of off-peak compressor use so our CNG compressors do not run as much during peak hours. Staff anticipates annual savings of electricity costs of demand charges by OG&E from 11 cents to 5 cents per KWh, translating into savings of $4,000 over the 5 month period each year.  

Where applicable, green procurement is used by buying CNG or Biofuel vehicles whenever possible and every vehicle we purchase must be in the top 3% of fuel efficiency in its class. We partner with the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG) and utilize grants to help offset the cost of alternative fuel technology for vehicles and the fueling facility.



Fleet Division Benchmarks

Mechanic Productivity

GOAL 72.0%







Fleet Size


Sedans - 133

119 Police Black/White Patrol Units & 2 Motorcylces

Light Duty Pickups, Vans and SUV's -228

91 are CNG vehicles, including refuse trucks

Heavy Duty Trucks - 127

14 automated side loaders

12 front loaders

11 rear loaders

7 transfer trucks (5th wheels)

Trailers - 78

includes trailer mounted equipment


6 transfer trailers (walking floor trailers)

Support Equipment - 223

loaders, backhoes, graders

street sweepers

brush rigs

AG tractors

Turf Equipment - 107

spreaders, mowers, sprayers

Parts Purchased







Oil Purchased







Tires Purchased












AVG cost per gallon




$783,922 $2.44








Compressed Natural Gas













Compressed Natural Gas













Compressed Natural Gas




Capital Purchases



















Fleet Division Blue Seal of Excellence

Blue Seal of Excellence

Through hard work and dedication from Fleet employees, The Fleet Division has now been a member of the Blue Seal of Excellence Recognition Program since 2008 and qualifies for recognition by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. This was achieved by having at least 75% of technicians National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified, with at least one technician ASE certified in each area of service offered. The Fleet Division has received an engraved plaque to acknowledge the outstanding accomplishment.

Fleet employees have a combined total of approximately 300+  years of overall experience in the automotive field with over 130+  years of dedicated service to the City of Norman. We have the best employees who have a commitment to excellence and take great pride in their work.

Auto Service Technicians and Tire Repair Technicians are not included in the 75% formula, only Auto Parts Specialist/Auto Parts Assistant/Mechanic I/Mechanic II

The formulas is as follows: total # of ASE certified employees divided by total # of tech employees, actual percentage must equal 75% or more.

Applications for Blue Seal are processed quarterly. Once recognized, you must display the recognition materials and agree that the requirements of 75% will be kept. In the event that you no longer meet these standards, you must report the change and remove all recognition materials.

Recertification is done on a year-to-year basis (ours being in October). In September, we will receive an automated mailing with the prior year’s application.


Public Works Department Organizational Chart

Public Works Org Chart


Design and Survey

Crew Surveying a Street

Design and Survey

The Design and Survey team are a technical support group

that gathers civil engineering data to present to Engineers and Staff to

determine solutions, costs, and plans for multiple projects for design and


Information presented by our staff is in a graphical

format; drawings, charts, and tables and by utilizing digital geographical data

or aerial photography.

Design and Survey also manages

information about past projects (As-Built Plans), which includes capital

projects and subdivision development. The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division

uses this data to update the Interactive Norman Map.


Participation Programs

Citywide Sidewalk Reconstruction

Property owners may apply to receive

financial support to repair damaged sidewalk adjacent to their property. These

funds can also be used to construct a new sidewalk along an entire city block

if 80% of the property owners agree to pay 50% of the construction costs. (Sidewalk Program Application)

Core Area Driveway Repair

This program encourages property

owners to upgrade gravel and deteriorated residential driveways with concrete

in the core area. Property owner are reimbursed for approved work done

by their hired contractor to improve their driveway approach and parking pad.

Participation Program applications are

accepted year round by mail, email, or fax; and available funding is limited to

the current fiscal year budget. (Driveway Application)


Design Projects

Sidewalk Program for Schools and Arterials

This project will construct sidewalks in elementary schools districts that have

no sidewalks and along arterial roads with heavy pedestrian traffic that currently

have no sidewalks. Locations are rated with established criteria to determine project


Downtown Area Sidewalks and Curbs

This project repairs deteriorated sidewalks and curbs in the downtown area. Sites

will be chosen by city staff based on recommendations from the Downtown Merchants


Sidewalk Accessibility

This annual program is to provide wheelchair ramps where none exist and rebuild

existing ramps that do not comply with the American with Disabilities Act. 

With input from interested citizens and neighborhood groups, City Staff

and City Council select the proposed construction sites.  


Bench Marks

This term used in surveying denotes a monument to mark a reference location and

elevation of a point ensuring that it can be used in the future.  These marks

set by licensed registered surveyors help with construction and drainage projects both

public and private. The City of Norman has records of bench marks set by state agencies

and private firms.

City of Norman Benchmark Data:

Benchmark Map   Pages 301-312   Pages 313-324   Pages 325-336   Pages 337-348  

Pages 349-360   Pages 361-372   Pages 373-384   Pages 385-396   Pages 400-409


Some monuments are no longer valid see status: Survey Monument Status


911 Addressing

An essential process for health and safety of citizens is the addressing of development

of new subdivided properties. Design and Survey provides this information to the

Association of Central Oklahoma Governments (ACOG), Norman Emergency Services,

Permitting Services, Development Services, Utilities, and Postal Services.


Engineering Staff

City Engineer

City Engineer - Scott Sturtz, P.E., CFM

Administrative Technician III - Brenda Gomez

Engineering Assistant - Nate McNeely

Capital Projects

Capital Projects Manager  - Tim Miles, P.E.

Capital Projects Engineer - Paul D'Andrea, P.E.

Staff Engineer - Brandon Brooks, EIT


Subdivision Development Manager – Ken Danner

Development Engineer - Todd McLellan, P.E. CFM

Subdivision Development Coordinator - Jack Burdett

City Surveyor - vacant

Engineering Technician I (Addressing) - Josh Chavez


Construction Manager -  Chris Smith

Utility Coordinator - Casey Felty, MA

(4) Construction Inspectors


Fleet Division

Fleet Superintendent- Mike White

Administrative Technician III- Sharon Hamilton

Administrative Technician III- Tammie Fertic

Automotive/Light Equipment Repair Supervisor - Mark Delgado

Equipment Support Supervisor - Brian Churchwell

Truck/Heavy Equipment Repair Supervisor - William Nance

Remaining Staff:

  • Auto Service Technicians - 5 positions
  • EVT Fleet Specialist
  • EVT Mechanic II
  • Field Service Mechanic II
  • Fleet Service Writer
  • Fleet Welder
  • Mechanic I - 2 positions
  • Mechanic II - 5 positions
  • Tire Repair Technician
  • Transit Fleet Specialist
  • Transit Mechanic II - 2 positions

Basic Technician Requirements:

  • Class A CDL with "N" and "T" endorsements within 12 months of hire
  • Oklahoma Department of Labor Alternative Fuels Equipment License within 12 months of hire
  • Auto Service Technicians must have a minimum of six months basic automotive experience and are not required to hold any ASE Certifications
  • Mechanic I must have one to two years experience and hold 5 ASE Certifications within the first six months of hire
  • Mechanic II must have two to three years experience and be ASE Master Certified within the first six months of hire

Points are awarded at hire and promotion time for each line obtained and held current for ASE Certifications, EVT Certifications, Alt. Fuels License, and/or CDL. Additional points are awarded for employees who attend seminars/training provided by local vendors.


Stormwater Division

Stormwater Program Manager:

Carrie J. Evenson, Ph.D., P.E., CFM

(405) 366-5455


Administrative Assistant:

Amy Shepard

(405) 329-2524


Stormwater Quality Group:


Stormwater Program Specialist:    

Michele Loudenback, RPES, CFM

(405) 366-5435


Stormwater Compliance Inspectors:      

Faith Haynes

(405) 366-5456

Stuart Shumate, CSI

(405) 217-7777


Stormwater Maintenance Group:

Stormwater Supervisor:      

Hans Osgood

(405) 307-7278


Maintenance Staff:

Crew Chiefs - 2 positions

Stormwater Locator - 1 position

Heavy Equipment Operators - 2 positions

Maintenance Worker II - 7 positions

Maintenance Worker I - 3 positions


Street Division

Street Superintendent


Administrative Technician III

April Kerr

Street Maintenance Supervisor

Stan West

Pavement Maintenance Coordinator

Remaining staff:

  • Crew Chiefs - 4 positions
  • Franchise Utility Locator
  • Heavy Equipment Operators - 6 positions
  • Maintenance Worker II - 7 positions
  • Maintenance Worker I - 6 positions




Traffic Division

Staff and Duties:

Transportation Engineer (Division Manager) - Angelo Lombardo, P.E.

Admin Tech III (Administrative and Adopt a Street) - Michelle Rudder

Traffic Engineer (Signals, Markings, Signing, and Parking Meter Maintenance) -- David Riesland, P.E.

Capital Projects Engineer (Traffic Calming and Safe Routes to School Grants) -- Mike Rayburn, P.E.


Additional Staff:

Traffic Signal Supervisor (1)

Traffic Signal Technician (5)

Traffic Control Supervisor (1)

Crew Chief (1)

Heavy Equipment Operator (1)

Maintenance Worker II (2)

Maintenance Worker I (2)

Traffic Sign Fabricator (1)

Traffic Technician (1)