City of Norman CDBG Rental Assistance Program

Rental Assistance


This is a rental assistance program provided from the CDBG-CV funds and is targeted to Norman households that have been directly affected by a significant loss or lapse of earned income directly attributed to the COVID-19 crisis. To qualify the applicant must currently have an income of 80% or below of Median Family Income for Norman.

Applications for this rental assistance are processed online. There is no in person assistance available at the City of Norman offices. If you have questions or need special accommodations please email [email protected] or call 405-307-7213.

This rental assistance is for up to three (3) months of rent owed in arrears. This is not for advanced payment of future rent.

Additional directives will be provided for Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) and Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP) Assistance when available.

The household must occupy a rental unit located within the city limits of Norman.

If the client is receiving any type of rental assistance including but not limited to Section 8, Public Housing, SSVF, CoC Permanent Supportive Housing, SSI/SSDI etc. they are ineligible for this program. Adjustment to rental subsidy by provider is available due to reduction of income.

These funds are being provided by the Community Development Block Grant – CV funding included within the CARES Act, and require that all households receiving assistance are qualified according to the regulations of the program and require appropriate documentation. Participation in the program requires that data be provided for each applicant. In addition to the documentation defined below, data pertaining to the racial and ethnic composition of the household is also required to be collected.

  • Documentation of previous employment
  • Documentation of lapse of employment
  • Documentation of current income level


To know if you qualify for an income of 80% or below the Median Family Income for Norman please see the chart below.

                                             80% Median(ER/Accessibility/Exterior Property)

1 PERSON                          $41,000

2 PERSONS                        $46,850

3 PERSONS                        $52,700

4 PERSONS                        $58,550

5 PERSONS                        $63,250

6 PERSONS                        $67,950

7 PERSONS                        $72,650

8 PERSONS                        $77/300


More Information

What type of assistance is this?

  • Three months’ rent paid to landlord directly after application approval. No payment will be made to tenants.
  • This assistance is for past due rent, and not for future payment of rent.

What information do I need to provide?


  • List of all persons living in the unit (F­­­amily Household) and identifying the following:
    • Address of rental unit
    • Names and ages of all household members
    • Identification of Head(s) of Household and ethnic and racial information
    • Leaseholder name
  • Units which have a roommate situation will be handled differently. Assistance will only be provided to persons who qualify who are listed on the lease.
  • Proof of previous employment may include one of the following:
    • Provision of a payroll stub dated prior to March 13
    • Bank statement from January or February 2020 indicating employment income
    • 2019/2020 Federal Income Tax Return
  • Documentation of lapse of employment
    • Documentation of reduction of wages if still employed
    • Proof of filing for unemployment
  • Documentation of current income for all household members over 18 to qualify household at or below 80% MFI
    • Unemployment benefits or anticipated benefits
    • Current payroll stub
  • Address of property
  • Copy of Lease
  • Amount of monthly rent
  • Name and address of the landlord/property manager to whom the check for assistance should be made payable.
  • a letter from the employer is needed stating COVID was the direct reasons for the reduction in hours/pay or being furloughed or laid off.
  • Certification from Landlord of rent owed in arrears

Click here for Application!

The application for assistance is linked below. Once you have gathered the required documentation and completed the application please email it to [email protected]

Rental  Assistance Program Application

Landlord Certification Form

Who can I contact for more information?

For more information please please contact [email protected] or (405) 307-7213. Walk-ins can not be helped at this time.