Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Flow Chart

Flowchart of Medical Marijuana Licensing and Permitting process. Click to open PDF version.

Medical Marijuana City of Norman Information

Do I need a Building Permit?

Medical Marijuana FAQ and Flow Chart

Medical Marijuana Licensing

Please be sure to contact the Planning Department at 405-366-5433 to ensure the location you are requesting is zoned to do this type of business. 


Effective November 1, 2021 by the State of Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority (OMMA) regarding Certificates of Compliance (COC) for Commercial Business License:

  • If you are current on your business licenses with OMMA, the City of Norman, and are only renewing your license you will need to renew through the OMMA’s licensing portal  instead of the regular COC. *This only applies to businesses that have previously submitted a valid Certificate of Compliance showing full compliance in accordance with 63 O.S. § 426.1(E) and have no changes that would require any additional inspections, licensure, or permitting by the State or municipality. 
  • If you are a new business, have had a change in ownership, change of use, changed locations, license has expired with OMMA or you are not current with the annual City of Norman business license, then you will still be required to submit a Certificate of Compliance to OMMA. If you have any questions about the City of Norman Business License please call (405) 366-5386. 

Please contact the OMMA office for any additional questions regarding their forms or requirements. 

Medical Marijuana Permitting

Construction permit applications for industrial, commercial and multi-family projects include but are not limited to new construction, new shell, new shell interior finish, addition/alteration, new multi-family, multi-family addition/alterations, new shell, new shell interior finish, new multi-family, multi-family addition/alteration, temporary construction trailer, swimming pool and paving, The application and supporting documents for commercial construction projects are listed below: