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Would you like to submit a request for a Welcome Letter from the Mayor of the City of Norman for an upcoming event being hosted in Norman? Please complete our Welcome Letter Request Form below.


  • Please provide the required date the Welcome Letter is needed for printing purposes, if you are including in your brochure. Be sure to include sufficient time to receive the hard copy via postal mail.
  • All Welcome Letters must be submitted at least 30-days and no more than 60-days before the event to allow for approval and final document production.
  • Annual Welcome Letters will not be automatically renewed. Requests must be made on an annual basis.
  • The event should reflect inclusiveness and recognize that the strength of our democracy is our diversity. The event must not take sides in matters of political, ideological, or religious controversy, or individual convictions.
  • This form must be filled out completely or your request will not be processed.

For accessibility assistance please contact the ADA Technician at 405-366-5424.


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Have you received a Welcome Letter from the Mayor in the last 5 years?

Welcome Letters are provided by the Mayor of the City of Norman to events with the goal of welcoming them to the City of Festivals and celebrating the event or increasing awareness of noteworthy issues among Norman residents and/or event attendees (ie., included in the brochure materials for your event, etc.). These public service documents are strictly honorary and are not legally binding. Welcome Letter requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. The Mayor of the City of Norman reserves the right to decline any request for a Welcome Letter as well as the right to make exceptions to the guidelines and procedures for Welcome Letters. Any draft language submitted may be edited or revised at the discretion of the Mayor of the City of Norman.

For more information on Welcome Letter Requests, email the Mayor's Office at mayor@normanok.gov or telephone the office at (405) 366-5404.

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