The City of Norman Parks and Recreation Department facilitates 64 neighborhood and community parks, 5 recreation and community centers, a golf course and tennis center, 4 disc golf courses, a complete swim complex with waterslides, a wading pool, over 30 tennis courts and pickleball courts, and 3 special services centers, offering cultural arts and senior citizen activities.

Griffin Community Park Sports Complex includes 16 soccer fields, 14 baseball/softball fields, 4 football fields, and restroom and concession facilities.
Pavilions and shelters are available on a rental basis in several parks.

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Operating Hours
10 am - 8 pm 

All Parks

1525 High Meadows Drive
416 Lake Grove Court
3016 36th Ave SE
209 E. Alameda Street
5399 Cypress Lake Drive
635 Sherwood Drive
1898 Legacy Park Drive
200 S. Jones Ave
514 Parkside Road


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The Adopt-A-Park/Adopt-A-Trail Program is a volunteer program that gives the community the opportunity to work with Norman Parks and Recreation to keep its parks/trails clean and attractive. The adopter(s) will be responsible for maintaining the parks/trails by picking up litter, maintaining beautification areas, painting, spreading playground mulch and/or other task approved by the Norman Park & Recreation Department.

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Details about the Adopt-A-Park Program

General Information

  • Any group or organization is welcome to Adopt-A-Park/Adopt-A-Trail
  • 1 year commitment of a full park or section of a park
  • At least 4 events and/or projects per year
  • Post-event report submitted to Parks Superintendent at Annual Report to Park board

Safety precautions

  • Children under the age of 15 must have adult supervision
  • Always wear proper safety attire
  • Report any hazards or vandalism to Norman PD and/or Parks and Recreation Department
  • Adequately hydrate volunteers during events
  • Report suspicious behavior to Norman PD
  • Notify park staff once an event/project has been planned
  • Do not work at night or during hazardous weather conditions
  • Do not block pathways or trails
  • Do not us herbicide within the limits of the park for weed maintenance on turf or beds
  • Have first aid kit on hand.



Park adoption Process/ Steps/Procedures

  • Fill out an application and send to Norman Parks and Recreation
  • Approval by park board/small presentation
  • Award certification acceptance at city council meeting/Mayor
  • Signage at your Adopt-A-Park/Adopt-A-Trail



Adopting a park isn't just about work; it's about fun! Your group's time at your adopted park could include a picnic, outdoor games, or a fishing outing (in some parks). Best of all, it's an opportunity to get to know one another better. Adoptive groups are asked to:

  • Pick up litter and dog droppings
  • Sweep court surfaces
  • Sweep ramada areas
  • Clean picnic tables
  • Clean and rake children's play areas
  • Remove graffiti
  • Plant flowers or trees, if desired (plants and planting locations must be approved)

Groups are also asked to make note of:

  • Vandalism damage
  • Dirty restrooms
  • Buildings or structures needing repair
  • Unsafe Conditions

Adoptive groups are not expected to mow grass, pull weeds, clean restrooms or perform major repairs or maintenance.

Adopted Parks

Andrews Park – Cleveland County Family YMCA

Brookhaven Park – Brookhaven Garden Club

Colonial Commons Park – Red Dirt Collective

Colonial Estates – Social Injustice League of Norman

Highland Park – The Lancaster Family

Kevin Gottshall Park – Mission Community Church           

Lions Park – Momleta – Norman

Mcgeorge Park – ABLE

Oakhurst Park – Little Read Wagon

Pebble Brook Park – Pebble Brook HOA

Reaves Park – JCPenney Leadership Program and Women in Business

Saxon Park – The Saxon Wild Guard

Tulls Park – Spivey Media