Record Request Information

Charges: A charge for providing copies of public record is authorized by state law and has been adopted by City Council in R-8889-1 establishing fees for photocopying open public records.


$.25 per page for the first 20 pages

$.20 per page therafter - 21 pages and up

$.50 per copied page for a certified copy


Request of email records will be charged an hourly rate for the IT Department to complete the search and possibly incur an hourly rate for the Legal Department to review such records prior to release. Those rates are as follows:


IT Department - Systems Support Technician - $21.23 per hour

Legal Department - Review of Requested Materials - $29.00 per hour


The Custodian may demand prepayment of a fee whenever the estimated amount exceeds $10.00. The Custodian will provide an estimate in advance of the search for requests where search and review fees would be incurred.

Pursuant to the Open Records Act, the City may charge a search fee to recover the direct cost of record search and copying if it is determined the request would clearly cause excessive disruption of the essential functions of the public body.

To request records fill out the Records Request Form and submit to the City Clerk's office or use the online form.