Media Relations

The Public Information Office is responsible for providing police department-related information to local, state and national media.Open records requests, daily media inquiries on open investigations and interviews with department employees are all arranged by the Public Information Officer (PIO). 

The PIO is also responsible for the management of official department social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Ring Neighborhood Portal and Nextdoor. We understand fully that public engagement through social media is an important aspect of community policing and positive public perception.

The Norman Police Department is committed to providing important and useful information to the public via local and social media to ensure a consistent practice of openness and transparency.

Contact the PIO

Sarah Jensen

Public Information Officer

[email protected]


Additional Information & Resources

Daily Activity Reports

The Norman Police Department publishes Daily Activity Reports each business day. The reports include a listing of all arrests, cases, and calls for service each day.

Daily Activity Reports remain on the Norman Police Department website for one month. Historical reports or information can be requested through the Norman Police Department Records Division


Norman Police Department Policy Manual

The Norman Police Department aims to uphold a high level of transparency and accountability within the Norman community. A PDF version of the Norman Police Department Policy Manual is available below. Leading with vision, guidance and example, the Norman Police Department works to maintain a culture founded on these policies and articulated in this manual. 

Norman Police Department Policy Manual (Effective 01-06-2021)

Open Data Portal

The Norman Police Department's Open Data Portal provides a consolidated listing of open data sets that NPD has identified as important and tailored to the Norman community. NPD's Open Data Portal stands to further our agency's transparency, build community trust, and strengthen accountability, while also engaging our community partners and members. We recognize that open data and community trust are all essential to true community policing. 

All NPD datasets are housed in the Open Data Portal. Each dataset is provided to provide insight and important context to policing and public safety in Norman. Datasets are updated on a quarterly basis. 

AlertNorman - Emergency Notification System

AlertNorman powered by Rave Smart911 is the official emergency notification system used by the City of Norman to communicate with community residents during emergencies. 

Features of AlertNorman include:

Geo-targeted alerts based on your address

Opt-in alerts which allows you to select which alerts pertaining to police, fire, traffic, and other emergencies you want to receive

The ability to select how you will receive alerts. Options include text message, email, and/or voice message. 

Learn more about AlertNorman

Sign-up to receive free alerts from the City of Norman via text message, email, and/or voice message