Join NPD - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to live in the City of Norman to be eligible for employment with the Norman Police Department?

No. Employees may live outside the City of Norman but are held accountable for reporting to duty as scheduled. However, an employee's residential proximity to the Police Department may limit their selection or appointment to specialized teams, units, or training disciplines.  

Are visible tattoos allowed?

Yes, with restrictions. You may not have any visible tattoos on your hands, neck, scalp or face. The visible tattoos that you do have cannot be offensive, extremist, indecent, sexist or racist. A tattoo declaration form must be completed prior to be hired. Additional or modified tattoos and body art that is visible on-duty may be obtained with approval by the Chief of Police.

How do I apply to be a police officer?

Download the Police Officer Application Packet to apply. You may also pick-up a packet at Police Records, 201 West Gray Street - Building B, during active recruitment periods.

You must fill the packet out completely and return it to NPD no later than September 24, 2021. You may also mail the packet to:

Norman Police Department

c/o Personnel and Training

201-B W. Gray Street

Norman, OK 73069

By submitting your application, you will ensure that you have secured a seat for testing. Also, be sure that you send all of the documents that are requested in the PHS document (i.e. college and high school transcripts, certified or original birth certificate, and Form DD-214, if it applies to you). These documents must be certified copies or originals, not just copies. You may need to request these documents from the school or agency, so do this as soon as possible. At the end of the process, you can request these documents be returned to you. Application packets are only available during open recruitment periods.

What do I do if I don’t have my transcripts, birth certificate or Form DD-214 by the day of the testing?

Write a statement detailing that you have requested these items and will provide them to the City of Norman Human Resources Department upon receipt of the documents from the agency or school you have requested them from with your application packet. It is in your best interest to request these documents as early as possible, so that you can get them turned in ASAP. If the City of Norman does not have these documents at the time that the background investigation process begins, you could be eliminated from the process.

What do I need to bring with me to the test?

All you are required to bring with you to testing is a current driver’s license in order to check in to the test. You may want to bring water and snacks as the testing day can last several hours.

What is involved in the Physical Examination?

The physical examination requires you to demonstrate your ability to perform the necessary level of physical ability to perform the task associated with the position of police officer. The standards are universal. There is no deviation in regard to gender, age, or weight.

Additional information on the Physical Examination will be available prior to testing dates. 

How can I best prepare for the Physical Examination?

Additional information on the Physical Examination and how to prepare will be made available prior to all testing dates. 

When do I need to turn in my college transcripts?

You need to turn in your official college transcripts with your employment application packet which is due prior to testing. 

If you do not have all of the required documents when you turn in your the employment application packet it will not be accepted.  A deadline for the documents is indicated in the employment application packet.

If I am already certified by CLEET, or capable of receiving reciprocal certification from my training in another state, do I still have to attend your academy?

Yes. All new employees competing for a commissioned police officer position are required to attend our police academy, but they also receive their full starting salary and benefits. The expectations of our community require that this initial training be designed to exceed the minimum requirements under state law and prepare each officer to deliver the highest quality of police service once they are on their own.

What part of my history can disqualify me from consideration as a police officer?

Title 18 of the US Code describes the many instances where a person is ineligible to carry a gun and, because of this, is unable to be commissioned with our department. Titles 50 and 70 of Oklahoma Statutes describe the requirements for acceptance into the Oklahoma Police Pension & Retirement System and for certification as a police officer by CLEET.

If I am hired, when does the police academy start?

The projected start date for the 60th Norman Police Academy is February 14, 2022. 

If I have more questions, who can I contact?

For further information, call a Police Recruiter at 405-307-7221 or email at [email protected]