Voluntary Water Conservation requested of Norman Utility customers

The City of Norman, in collaboration with Central Oklahoma Master Conservancy District, is requesting voluntary water conservation measures from Norman utility customers at this time.

The request stems from increased water demand and the outage of a water pump at Lake Thunderbird – the primary source of drinking water in Norman. Repair and replacement is expected within the next 11 days.



  • Limit outdoor irrigation.
    • Norman water customers are asked to avoid outdoor irrigation from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and observe the year-round odd/even watering schedule.
  • Reduce washing of vehicles and water use for recreational activities.
  • Delay of any landscaping installation at this time.


“With the support and cooperation of the community, we will be able to achieve moderate conservation to ensure adequate water supply,” said Chris Mattingly, Utilities Director for the City of Norman.

Adequate water supply is critical to maintaining fire protection and sanitation operations, among other essential services. Average City usage is 14 MGD (million gallons per day); summer levels are currently at or near 23 MGD.

Voluntary conservation measures are requested of City of Norman water customers only (not residents with private wells). The community will be kept apprised of updates regarding this situation in the case that additional conservation efforts are needed. All updates will be posted to normanok.gov/news.

Questions can be relayed to the Action Center by phone at (405)366-5396 or by email to Action.Center@normanok.gov.