University of Oklahoma Game Day Traffic & Parking Information

OU Game Day Routes Map

The Norman Police Department offers the following road condition information and traveling advice for those coming to Norman for any game during the 2020 University of Oklahoma football season. 


All local Interstate 35 interchanges are open. Motorists are encouraged to utilize suggested routes highlighted in blue and purple on the attached map both prior to and after the game.

Norman police will only provide traffic assistance at all intersections along Lindsey Street from Interstate 35 to Elm Avenue postgame.

Lindsey Street will be one-way for eastbound traffic pregame and for westbound traffic postgame between Berry Road and Elm Avenue to improve traffic flow between the stadium and Interstate 35.

As always, make safety a priority! Please buckle up all passengers, and refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages and then driving.



Areas immediately around the university and Campus Corner are barricaded in several locations, preventing or restricting all vehicle traffic. Asp Avenue and Buchanan Avenue from White Street to Boyd Street will be closed to all vehicle traffic prior to and during each home game. Parking adjacent to the stadium is by permit only.

Although most fines for parking violations are relatively inexpensive, a towed vehicle can prove expensive when wrecker fees are included. Violations that can result in towing include: parking along yellow curbs and inside fire lanes; blocking a fire hydrant, driveway, street, or alley; illegal use of handicapped parking; and illegally parking on private property.

If you park on private property, use locations that have proven trustworthy. NPD occasionally receives reports of individuals collecting money for parking on private property they do not own or lease. When the rightful owner or lessee find the unwanted vehicles parked in their yard or lot, they call for the cars to be towed away.

Do not block sidewalks. Doing so diverts pedestrians into the street impeding traffic, while also causing problems for people in wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

The Norman Police Department encourages patrons to wear masks or face coverings, plan their travel route ahead of time, park legally, and enjoy their time in Norman.



The City of Norman ordinance requires residents to wear facial coverings when in social gatherings of more than 25 people on both public and private property. Organized gatherings shall be limited in size to no more than 50 people and shall be conducted at all times in compliance with Sections 10-1102 and 10-1103 of the City Code related to facial coverings. These new restrictions are in place to address concerns and assist with managing the increase in large, unmasked house parties and gatherings. 

City ordinances place greater responsibility on individuals by putting a potential $50 to $500 fine in place for non-compliance. This is in addition to possible prosecution for criminal trespass, disturbing the peace, interference with an official process, or similar offenses as circumstances warrant that was in place in the original ordinance. Previously, only business owners faced fines for not posting signage or complying with capacity limitations.

The Norman Police Department will continue to have the rights and safety of each citizen in mind during this pandemic. The department recognizes that a citizen’s residence is their personal and private space, and officers will not impede the citizen’s rights in that area. The department will focus on addressing large party gatherings by utilizing the newly adopted changes to the nuisance party ordinance to help slow the spread of COVID-19. We ask that citizens and guests of Norman protect one another by following social distancing measures and the face-covering ordinances.

The ordinance, which includes exceptions for specific activities and those with medical conditions, expires March 1, 2021, unless otherwise amended or extended by Council.

To read the ordinance in full, visit For questions regarding this ordinance or to report a violation, contact the Action Center at 405-366-5396 or [email protected].



Due to current COVID-19 numbers, effective November 19, 2020, the State of Oklahoma enacted an executive special order requiring all bars and restaurants to close at 11 p.m. No in-person service is allowed after this time, curbside pick-up will be allowed. On November 30, the City of Norman put into place additional restrictions reducing the capacity of all restaurants and bars, as set by the Fire Department, by 50 percent.