Stubbeman Avenue Lane Closure: FYE 2022 Schools & Arterials Sidewalk Project

Tuesday, August 10, Nash Construction Company initiated a sidewalk construction project along Stubbeman Avenue, from Timberwolf Trail to Robinson Street (West side). This project is Phase I of two phases that will connect Robinson Street to West Rock Creek Road (West side), which will provide an ADA-compliant pedestrian path for Norman residents as well as service Norman North High School students and faculty. Construction initiated at Timberwolf Trail (Norman North High School) and will progress southward, as to be out of the school frontage prior to the 2021-2022 school year beginning on August 19, 2021.

Nash Construction established a work zone and initiated traffic control along the southbound lane, reducing two lane traffic to one lane in the immediate construction area.  Northbound traffic is not impacted at this time, but will have a short term lane reduction to reconstruct a non-compliant ADA ramp at the school crossing on the east side. Construction is expected to be complete in five weeks, weather permitting.