Storm Debris Removal Update: First Pass Extended to December 22

The first round of collection in the City of Norman’s storm debris removal effort for the October 26 to 29 storm will be extended to December 22 due to the larger than anticipated volume of storm debris across the city.  The second pass is expected to begin on December 28 to allow time for residents prepare and out-of-state crews to return home for the Christmas holiday.

Residents can expect to see two sets of trucks, which are currently active in all wards. The first set are aerial removal or bucket trucks focused on removing hazardous overhead branches from public rights of way.

The second set are dedicated debris removal trucks performing collection for residential properties. It is important to note that due to their size these trucks are unable to collect debris from dead end streets or private roads such as those found in housing additions. These roads do not provide adequate space for the trucks to maneuver without the potential for damage to property. Residents living on a private street that wish to participate in the debris removal program must place their debris at the public right of way.

Residents should also be aware that debris cannot be removed if there are obstructions in the way such as mailboxes, fire hydrants, gas meters, water meters, etc. Program participants are also reminded: 

  • Pick-up is available to residential properties only. Debris cannot be collected from commercial, industrial, intuitional, non-profit or multi-family properties.
  • Only debris placed on the public right-of-way will be eligible for collection. Do not place debris in alleys for collection. Debris on private roads will not be picked up unless moved to the public right-of-way.
  • Do not place debris near mail boxes, poly carts, water meter vaults, gas meters, fire hydrants or any other above-ground utility.
  • Residents should make every effort to place debris along the public street rights-of-way. This should include vegetative and debris only. This material should be cut in approximately 8- foot to 12-foot lengths and stacked in piles along the right-of-way or within five feet of the curb or edge of roadway. Do not bag these items.
  • Weekly household garbage and yard waste collection will continue its normal schedule. Limbs no larger than 2 inches in diameter, bundled in 4 foot lengths will be picked up by the City Sanitation Division. Please place the bags of yard waste along the curb as usual, but keep separate from the storm debris.

Questions about damage to property caused by the City’s debris removal operation should be directed to Tony Mensah at 405-329-2524 or