Sidewalk Construction on Morren Drive, 12th Avenue NE and Lindsey Street Begins October 18, 2021

The “FYE 2022 Sidewalk Horizontal Concrete Saw Cutting Project” is expected to begin on or about Oct. 18. The project will start at the east intersection of 12th Avenue NE and Morren Drive, then will move eastward to Cindy Drive and turn back to 12th Avenue NE on the opposite side. The project area also includes sidewalks on both sides of 12th Ave NE from Alameda Street to East Rock Creek Road, as well as Lindsey Street, from 24th Avenue NE to 12th Avenue NE. There will be no traffic closures and construction will be contained to the sidewalks. This project will have minimal disruption and is expected be complete in 2-3 weeks, weather permitting.

Horizontal saw cutting is a cost-effective method to smooth small buckles and heaves in sidewalk joints, which are less than 2” in variance. Any areas that cannot be remedied by horizontal saw cutting will be programed for future repairs.

The objective of this project is to enhance pedestrian pathways and advance fully accessible routes in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act Guidelines.


Contact for the Media: Tiffany Vrska, Chief Communications Officer, 405-217-7723,