“Right Tree – Right Place” initiative coming to life at Tull’s Park

Foresters from the City of Norman and OG&E will team together to facilitate a real-world demonstration of Right Tree — Right Place, a landscape design that reduces the need for trimming trees near power lines and increases electrical grid reliability, at Tull’s Park in Norman.

Trees beautify neighborhoods and can even help lower energy bills, but they can also present hazards when planted in the wrong place – such as next to power lines.

“Trees should be planted more than 20 feet from power lines to avoid shock and fire hazards,” Colin Zink, City of Norman Forester, says. “If it is unavoidable, however, we recommend planting tree species that will stay below the power lines.”

To create the safest environment for park visitors, OG&E contractors will remove several large trees near the power lines in Tull’s Park that are in declining health.  Areas near the lines will be replanted with lower-growing tree species, and larger tree varieties will be planted further away.

“We will continue working closely with our community partners at OG&E and other utility companies as we work toward an Urban Forestry Master Plan for the City of Norman, which will offer many benefits for residents,” Zink said.

For more information about the City of Norman Forestry Division, visit https://www.normanok.gov/residents-visitors/parks-recreation/forestry.