OU Game Day Traffic & Parking Information | OU vs. Tulane

The University of Oklahoma is set to hold its first home game of the 2021 football season on Saturday with a kickoff time of 11:00 a.m. The Norman Police Department offers the following road condition information and traveling advice.



All local Interstate 35 interchanges are open. Motorists are encouraged to utilize suggested routes highlighted in blue on the attached map both prior to and after the game.

Norman police will only provide traffic assistance at all intersections along Lindsey Street from Interstate 35 to Chautauqua Avenue prior to and after the game. Postgame, officers will also provide traffic assistance along routes heading east from the stadium to Classen Boulevard.

Lindsey Street will be one-way for eastbound traffic pregame and for westbound traffic postgame between Chautauqua Avenue to Interstate 35 in order to improve traffic flow from the stadium. Brooks Street will also be one-way for eastbound traffic postgame from Jenkins Avenue to Classen Boulevard. 

Imhoff Road remains closed due to the ongoing work on the bridge over Imhoff Creek. 

As always, make safety a priority! Please buckle up all passengers, and refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages and then driving.



Areas immediately around the university and Campus Corner are barricaded in several locations, preventing or restricting all vehicle traffic. Asp Avenue and Buchanan Avenue from White Street to Boyd Street will be closed to all vehicle traffic prior to and during each home game. Parking adjacent to the stadium is by permit only.

Although most fines for parking violations are relatively inexpensive, a towed vehicle can prove expensive when wrecker fees are included. Violations that can result in towing include: parking along yellow curbs and inside fire lanes; blocking a fire hydrant, driveway, street, or alley; illegal use of handicapped parking; and illegally parking on private property.

If you park on private property, use locations that have proven trustworthy. Police occasionally receive reports of individuals collecting money for parking on private property they do not own or lease. When the rightful owner or lessee find the unwanted vehicles parked in their yard or lot, they call for the cars to be towed away.

Do not block sidewalks. Doing so diverts pedestrians into the street impeding traffic, while also causing problems for people in wheelchairs.


The Norman Police Department encourages patrons to plan their travel route ahead of time, arrive early, park legally, and enjoy their time in Norman.

OU Game Day Routes Map_2021_Tulane