Online tool to report flood damage now available for Normanites

Information obtained by Stormwater Division utilized for grant opportunities

A new avenue to report flood damage has been made available at, increasing convenience and efficiency of the reporting process for residents.

In accordance with standards and mandates of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality, the Stormwater Division of the City of Norman is responsible for the protection of the health, safety and welfare of the people of Norman by reducing the impact of flooding, erosion and water pollution in the community. As part of their duties, the division asks the public to report property damage as the result of flooding when necessary. In addition to creating an opportunity to provide guidance for repairs or rebuilding structures, such information is utilized in applying for community grants that positively impact Norman.

“We appreciate the collaborative effort of the community as we continue pursuing projects and opportunities that can improve the quality of our stormwater,” said Jason Murphy, Stormwater Program Manager.

Versus waiting in a queue during traditional business hours to report flood damage by phone, residents can now upload information as well as photos of damage at any time through the new online portal. Redundancies to ensure that information is properly received by staff have also been implemented, and the team has revamped public service announcements that include best practices and instruction for community members during flood stages.

Murphy and his team strive to remind residents that “we drink our stormwater” and prioritize providing information about how everyday activities can affect the water distribution system and water quality. Reducing environmental pollutants, conserving water, and properly maintaining stormwater structures are a few ways that community members can join the fight to protect water quality, he said. Educational partnerships with area media agencies, coupled with efforts of the division, ensure that outreach is performed on multiple levels from week to week.

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