Norman Police Department Establishes Diversity and Equity Committee

The Norman Police Department establishes a Diversity and Equity Committee affirming the agency’s commitment to work on creating and maintaining a culture of diversity and inclusion within the organization and the Norman community.

Composed of a diverse group of both commissioned officers and civilian employees, the Diversity and Equity Committee aims to uphold its mission to discuss, educate and lead department efforts to enhance the values of diversity, equity, and inclusivity both internally and externally.

The committee meets monthly to ensure continuous internal and external communication, education, and evaluation of department efforts to ensure fair and objective police services to all members of our community are without discrimination to any individual or group.

The committee focuses on four key initiatives: facilitating discussions between employees and the community regarding cultural topics and historical events, audits of departmental training and continuing education to address cultural and gender bias issues, consistent reviews of department data for bias-based trends, and to provide recommendations addressing procedure, policy, program, and partnership needs.

Applying insight from both internal and external sources, the committee will work to generate further discussion on, and conduct trainings for, issues involving diversity both within the department and in the community served. The committee also aims to lead a variety of community outreach initiatives including enhancing recruitment opportunities.

“We are actively progressing toward the days where all voices are heard,” said NPD Diversity and Equity Committee Co-Chair Neelon Greenwood. “It is important to recognize when things are done correctly, but to also understand and be proactive when things are not. Transparency is a must in our community.”

Individuals interested in interacting with the NPD Diversity and Equity Committee regarding a diversity or equity concern or community outreach initiative can email or complete the online contact form. Additional information and updates on the committee will be regularly available on the NPD website, and the department’s social media sites.