Norman Parks and Recreation Department Welcomes Childcare Subsidies and Lowers the Price Point of the After-School Program

Norman Parks and Recreation Department operates three After-School Program locations: 12th Avenue, Irving, and Whittier Recreation Centers. These programs operate after-school through 6:00 p.m. and serve elementary school students who are either walked to the program by staff or bussed to our sites by the Norman Public School District.

The Parks and Recreation Department has recently lowered the cost and changed the registration format of our After-School Program to create a more service-based and budget-conscious offering for Norman residents. Registration is $40/week per child. The schools served through this Parks and Recreation program are Eisenhower, Kennedy, Reagan, Lincoln, Le Monde, Washington, Irving Middle, Cleveland, Jackson, McKinley, Monroe, Roosevelt, Truman Primary, and Truman Elementary.  

Parks and Recreation has partnered with Norman Public School and Sodexo to offer meals and snacks within the program and is very excited to have contracted with DHS to become a licensed DHS Community Hope Center and provide child care subsidy services to eligible families. The ongoing relationship with DHS has allowed us to connect families not currently utilizing DHS benefits with possible needed services and assistance.

“We know we are sometimes turning away families who may not qualify for DHS benefits but have also found our program price out of reach. We are extremely excited to be able to serve them as well as have these great partnerships in place that allow us to serve anyone, regardless of income level,” said Veronica Tracy, Recreation Manager.

For more information on Norman Parks and Recreation’s After-School Programs, please call 405-366-5472 or email