Norman Events Traffic & Parking Information | April 27-29

The Norman Police Department offers the following traveling and parking advice to residents and visitors for the upcoming weekend, April 27-29, when multiple large outdoor gatherings will be taking place simultaneously across the city.


Motorists are encouraged to utilize suggested routes highlighted in blue and green on the map both prior to and after the various events on April 29.

Residents and visitors attending the Norman Music Festival are asked to utilize the blue routes and enter the city from north and west access points.

Those attending Fill the Stadium or other events on the University of Oklahoma campus are asked to utilize the green routes and enter the city from south and west access points.

Due to the number of projected attendees at the various events, traffic delays are likely. NPD encourages motorists to plan their route and allow for extra time to reach their destination and find parking.

As always, make safety a priority. Please buckle up all passengers, and refrain from driving under the influence of any substances that result in impairment. Also, remain mindful of trains. Never cross the tracks in front of a train by vehicle or on foot once the signals are activated, and never climb on or under a stopped train.


James Garner Avenue will be closed between Main and Eufaula Street starting Wednesday, April 26 through 5 p.m. on Sunday, April 30 for the Lions Club Carnival.

Crawford Avenue will be closed between Gray and Main Street starting Thursday, April 27 at 6 p.m. through the early morning hours on Sunday, April 30.

Main Street between Porter Avenue and Santa Fe Avenue will be closed to all traffic starting Friday, April 28 at Noon through the early morning hours on Sunday, April 30.

Jones Avenue, Peters Avenue, and Crawford Avenue between Gray and Comanche Street will be closed starting Friday, April 28 and will remain closed through Sunday, April 30. On-street parking in the area will not be accessible while the streets are closed. Pedestrian access will be maintained.

Roads directly surrounding the Gaylord Family - Oklahoma Memorial Stadium will also be closed to all traffic starting the afternoon of Saturday, April 29 through the conclusion of the Fill the Stadium event. These roads include: Jenkins Avenue between Brooks and Lindsey Street, Lindsey from Elm to Jenkins Avenue, and Asp Avenue north of Lindsey Street adjacent to the stadium.

All road closures associated with this weekend’s events are highlighted in red on the attached map.  


The City of Norman public parking lot on Gray Street, between Peters and Crawford Avenue, will close at 8 a.m. on Friday, April 28. Forty parking spaces will be reserved for annual parking permit holders until 6 p.m. on Friday.

Visitors to the area are encouraged to park safety and avoid common parking violations which may result in your vehicle being impounded. Violations that can result in towing include: parking along yellow curbs and inside fire lanes; blocking a fire hydrant, driveway, street, or alley; illegal use of disabled parking; and illegally parking on private property.

If you park on private property, use locations that have proven trustworthy. Police occasionally receive reports of individuals collecting money for parking on private property they do not own or lease. When the rightful owner or lessee find the unwanted vehicles parked in their yard or lot, they call for the cars to be towed away.

Do not block sidewalks. Doing so diverts pedestrians into the street impeding traffic, while also causing problems for those with limited mobility and children.

NPD encourages patrons to plan their travel route ahead of time, arrive early, park legally, and enjoy their time in Norman.


Residents and visitors can now receive alerts pertaining to major public events attended by texting “NORMANEVENTS” to 226787. This new feature is part of the Alert Norman Emergency Notification System powered by RAVE Smart 911. 


If you are in need of emergency assistance, always call 911. If you can't call, you can also text message 911 to request help in Norman.

A map of suggested traffic routes based on road closures for April 29, 2023.