Norman City Clerk Announces Results of Recall Petition Validation

The Norman City Clerk today announced the validation of the recall petitions for Ward 3 Councilmember Alison Petrone and Mayor Breea Clark, with sufficient valid signatures for Ward 3 and insufficient valid signatures for the Mayor.

The Ward 3 recall petition required signatures from 25 percent of voters registered in Ward 3, or 2,573 signatures, to be valid. In total, 3,444 signatures were submitted for Alison Petrone, and 2,580 were verified as eligible voters. This recall petition will now come before the Norman City Council to be placed on a ballot for the final voter decision.

The Mayoral recall petition required signatures from 25 percent of voters registered in the City of Norman or 18,154 total signatures. Of the 20,661 signatures submitted for Breea Clark, more than 3,600 were found to be invalid, making it impossible to meet the required number. Signatures were found to be invalid for reasons such as not being a registered Norman voter, duplicate entries, unverifiable name, or a name not matching the registered address.

“While the lengthy verification process for the Mayoral petition is not yet complete, we have made enough progress to determine that there are insufficient signatures to meet the requirement to proceed with an election,” said City Clerk Brenda Hall. “Our staff will continue to work overtime to complete the final verification process for this petition.”

A legal notice will be posted in the Norman Transcript and on the City of Norman website when final verification is complete.