Irving Recreation Center to host free art classes for students

The Irving Recreation Center will host a series of free art classes for middle school and high school students courtesy of the “Captivating my Creative Culture” (CCC) organization. The goal and vision of CCC is “to inspire youth through artistry and creativity while manifesting art’s endless possibilities.” Captivating my Creative Culture (CCC) is a program that is a safe place for minorities that presents a multiplicity of art mediums for the youth to discover and utilize their creative skills, according to the organization’s mission statement. CCC is a program that ensures youth of all ages have access to art and a wide range of art techniques so that they “may never lose sight of their creativity and their gifts.”

Free art classes will be offered at the Irving Recreation Center, 125 Vicksburg Avenue, on Tuesday evenings from 6:30 to 8 p.m. starting on October 19. For more information or to enroll please contact Harold Lee (Irving Recreation Center-Supervisor) via phone at 405-292-9774 or email at