How to Make a Public Comment on a Council Meeting Held Over Zoom

With the recent increase in COVID-19 cases, and out of abundance of caution, the City of Norman has decided to return to holding our public City Council Meetings and Study Sessions via the Zoom platform. While this method can present some challenges for those residents wanting to make public comments on specific agenda items we do have multiple avenues through which people can have their voices heard during a meeting:


Via YouTube - Unless otherwise noted beforehand, all of the City of Norman City Council Meetings and Study Sessions are live-streamed via YouTube Live on the City of Norman YouTube channel (search CityofNormanOK). Public comments will be accepted via the live chat during the live-stream of the meeting, NOT through the comments section, and then read into the public record at the appropriate time in the meeting. Messages will be left by the CityofNormanOK account when comments are being accepted for specific agenda items and when comments are no longer being accepted. Comments left in the chat are limited to 200 characters each, so for longer comments you may need to leave several messages. Residents are asked to provide their name and address before comments will be read into the public record.


Via Email - Residents can email in comments at any time to the City Clerk email address, [email protected]. In the interest of time, long emails will be summarized before they are read into the public record.


In-Person - Though not recommended during this time of social-distancing, the Council Chambers are still opened during Zoom meetings for those residents that wish to make comments in-person. Residents may attend the meeting in-person, but the capacity of the Council Chambers is kept to a minimum in accordance with social-distancing guidelines. At the appropriate time, residents are allowed to enter the Study Session/Executive Conference Room and can make an in-person comment through a laptop that is set up and connected to the Zoom meeting. The duration of in-person public comments will be determined by the Mayor.

For more information, please contact the City Clerk’s office at 405-366-5406 or [email protected].