Homeowner Tree Relief Program Announced

The City of Norman Community Development Program announces a Homeowner Tree Relief Program to address the substantial damage incurred during the October 2020 Ice Storm. The availability of Tree Relief Program for owner-occupant properties located within the CDBG Target Area. Owners within this designated area may apply here.

Homeowner Tree Relief qualifications and information:

  • The property must be located within the CDBG Target Area. Please see the map below for area details.
  • This is for owner-occupied properties only.
  • The City Forester will determine if tree/trees affected by the recent ice storm are to be pruned or removed. Trees in the right-of-way are not eligible.
  • The City Forester will be responsible for obtaining quotes from Certified Arborists and will maintain all insurance information.
  • All debris generated by activity will be removed. General cleanup and debris removal not eligible.

If you have any questions, please contact Tara.Reynolds@normanok.gov.  

Tree Relief Program